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This series of Apps are designed for children aged from three years upwards and for use with and iPad® model running iOS 4.3 to iOS 10.

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Working with an adult or independently, each of our Apps provide a rich learning experience. Children are presented with a range of carefully selected challenges to add variety as well as the opportunity to practice and consolidate their knowledge, skills and understanding. learned.

The Apps have been designed to be easy to use and they incorporate an array of visual, text and audio prompts to support effective learning. Where colour palletes are present, audio prompts are providedand the sounds can be enabled or disabledin the App settings.

App features

All our Apps share common features and each can be personalised with the child's name and this can be readily changed for use at home and match the development of chilldren and their confidence in knowldge and understanding.

Images taken from from the Apps are shown opposite. Starting from the top these are:

My Number Grid (age 5+), My Number Line (age 3+), My Multiples (age 7+), Odd & Even Numbers (age 3+), Find My Missing Numbers (age 4+), Find the Way (age 7+), My Capacity (age 3+) and My Weighing (age 3+).

Most of the Apps also include vidual guidance and tutorials about the topic - a very useful starter for learning as well as an opportunity to refresh children's learning.

If enabled, screen snapshots can be taken directly from within each App and can either copied to the photo album or shared via email as an attachment. This is an ideal way to assemble a portfolio of evidence for an individual child as well as an effective way to share a child's work with their parents or guardians.

For further details of each App, either click on the link below or the image opposite.

For further information on the Apps in our number series for learning with the iPad:

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