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This section of the podcast directory collates all of the video podcast channels, or channels with a high proportion of video podcasts, into a single list.

There is an increasing number of video podcasts on the Internet that are suitable for use with children and young people. These cover a wide spectrum of curriculum areas to support a wide range of personalised teaching and learning activities and projects.

The video podcasts listed in our directory use the following formats: M4V, MOV and MP4. Some of the video podcasts are in widescreen format and our list of latest additions is regularly updated.

The following list is in alphabetical order with links to the full channel details.

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    Ask The Techies (Video Podcast)
    Ask The Techies (Video Podcast)

    Each week we put up new video podcasts explaining the latest in cool technology from Photoshop to iPods. We specialize in multimedia and although we use Macs mostly, we do deal with Windows PC issues as well.

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    American Theatre Wing - Downstage Center
    ATW - Downstage Center

    The American Theatre Wing, in association with XM Satellite Radio, presents Downstage Center a weekly theatrical interview show, featuring the top artists working in theatre, both on and Off-Broadway and around the country.

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    Baltic Video Podcasts
    BALTIC Video Podcast

    BALTIC Podcasts is a series of free audio and video downloads designed to enhance your visit to BALTIC. An ongoing series featuring artists and curators, it explores current and forthcoming exhibitions at BALTIC providing ideal accompaniment useful prior, during or after any visit to BALTIC. BALTIC Video Podcasts visually explore BALTIC exhibitions and projects and include footage of artwork, curators, artists and gallery visitors. Podcasts have exclusive content and compliment each other in bringing you a broad insight into BALTIC.

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    BCPS HRD Professional Development for Teachers
    BCPS HRD Professional Development for Teachers

    HRD coordinatates quality professional development for all staff members within the Broward County Public Schools district, as well as providing support to charter schools with Broward County. The department works with staff developers and designers in varous departments to ensure quality and standards in the area of professional development.

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    Boniface Podcast
    Boniface Podcast

    The video podcast is designed for students, staff, governors and parents- direct from Bonnies! St Boniface's Catholic College is a specialist maths and science comprehensive school for boys in the City of Plymouth, the UK.

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    Conversation at the Fourth Floor

    Join us for interviews with specialists on tourism and culture. The video podcasts are in Italian and English.

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Some guidance ...

Whilst all the podcasts listed in this directory are selected in line with our criteria, we do strongly recommend that the contents of all podcasts, podcast feeds and channels are regularly auditioned to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate for the age range of the children and young people



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