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Podcasts in curriculum areas, categorised by subject

In this section of the podcast directory you can select subject-specific podcasts that have been published and freely available via the Internet.

There is an increasing supply of good quality audio, enhanced and video podcasts covering almost all curriculum areas. Many of the podcast listed in our directory cater for all ages of children and young people. The opportunity to use educational podcasting to support and enhance personalised learning within curriculum topics has never been greater.

All the podcast channels n this directory have been subject to our own quality assurance criteria before listing, to ensure that they are suitable for use with children and young people. Our quality assurance processes include:

After decisions have been made about the quality of the podcasts, we carefully categorise with a subject bias and allocate them to one of the following curriculum areas.


You can also browse the full alphabetical list of over 360 podcast channels that we have listed in our directory of educational podcasts. We also provide a list of the podcast channels produced at home, school and colleges as well as professional items and information for busy educators.

Whilst all the podcasts listed in this directory are selected in line with our criteria, we do strongly recommend educators that the contents of all podcasts, podcast feeds and channels are regularly auditioned to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate for the age range of the children and young people.


Thursday, 7th May 2015

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