There is a variety of information available on how to create, produce and publish podcasts.

We have published an article on "exploiting the educational potential of podcasting" and have also provided information on how to find RSS feeds. Here is a list of some of some selected resources and materials about podcasting that is currently available on the Internet.

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Managing podcast uploads and creating RSS feeds
Posted on: 25 Oct 2006

One of the many challenges facing non-technical podcasters is finding ways of uploading podcasts to their websites and creating an updated and compliant RSS feed.

Alberto Betella has created an Open Source software program "Podcast Generator" to implement a podcasting service at his university in Bergamo, Italy. Podcast Generator allows you to easily upload media files (video or audio) via a web form and it automatically creates an updated RSS feed.

The latest version of the software produces a RSS feed that is W3C compliant, incorporates iTunes tags and provides an invaluable resource for podcasters who want to upload and manage their RSS feeds via a web server that handles PHP.

A full working demo of the latest version is now available online and will help you to decide whether this resource would meet your own needs.

Latest iTunes specification
Posted on: 22 Sep 2006

This is the latest technical specification for podcasting within iTunes. The web page provides details about the submission and feedback process, an example RSS feed, the iTunes RSS tags, common mistakes, additional resources and a full list of all the iTunes categories.

Getting your podcasts to the Internet
Posted on: 12 May 2006

A number challenges face new podcasters. One is the prospect of creating an RSS feed, another is concern about bandwidth if the podcasts become popular and they quickly reach or exceed their bandwidth limit. Whilst this is a relatively easy process to create and publish an RSS feed, the bandwidth issue looks likely to stay for a while yet.

In the UK, Podcast FM has launched what is described as a "one-stop" solution to podcast hosting and syndication. This provides a range of features and different plans depending on the type of podcast (audio/video) as well as the number of channels and podcasts planned. In the USA, provide a similar service.

ThePodcastingEbook: Your Complete Guide to Podcasting
Posted on: 25 Feb 2006

This book has been written by Stephanie Ciccarelli, author of "The Definitive Guide To Voice-Over Success" and the ?Voice-Over Script Collection". The 93 pages of this e-Book cover most aspects of podcasting. Chapter cover a range of topics and include an introduction to podacsting, branding and content design, the technology of podcasting, creating podcasts (editing, mixing and mastering), hosting and publishing, promotion and making money.

Watch video podcasts on education news
Posted on: 3 Feb 2006

The Teachers' TV Podcast channel provides a series of video podcasts on educational news. You can find details in the general zone of the Teachers' TV website. These are posted on a weekly basis and include a rich variety of information, interviews and a range of topics. The production quality is excellent and as always the podcasts can be listened to at your own convenience!

The latest iTunes technical specification
Posted on: 19 Jan 2006

From time to time the technical specifications for podcasts listed on iTunes are revised and updated. The latest changes are now published and include sections on:

  • Submission and Feedback Processes
  • An Example Feed
  • iTunes RSS Tags
  • Common Mistakes
  • iTunes Categories for Podcasting
This latest publication will be a useful reference for colleagues with queries about their listing of podcasts or wanting to know how to improve the appearance of their existing podcast channel within iTunes. There is also an Apple Discussions Forum which is intended for podcast producers with a range of items that may also prove of value.

Beginner's guide to podcasting
Posted on: 27 Dec 2005

Written by Curtis Franklin and George Colombo, this new book provides a guide through creating, editing and syndicating podcasts. There are sections on the kind of equipment needed, suggestions on how to design a podcast and some of the possible legal issues faced by podcasters.

Podcast Creation Guide from Apple Education
Posted on: 21 Dec 2005

This guide (in PDF format) provides a useful overview about podcasting and gives "walk through" processes for creating podcasts using Apple's own software solutions with Mac OS. Software covered includes GarageBand, Quicktime and Soundtrack Pro with helpful sections about recording audio, audio compression and adding Metadata and artwork in iTunes.

KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom
Posted on: 23 Dec 2005

Dan Schmit has written a book for educators who are interested in podcasting with children and young people. Called "KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom", his book is designed to get you started with easy to follow instructions and guidance.

Internet Radio for Schools
Posted on: 1 Dec 2005

A very useful on-line resource from the BT Education Programme is "Internet Radio for Schools" is now available. This resource provides a wealth of information for teachers and use in the classroom from pre-production to post production techniques. There are a range of different activities and on-screen tutorials (note that each tutorial requires Windows Media Player).

Podcasting software application
Posted on: 23 Nov 2005

A new podcasting application called Podcaster has been created by Kudlian Soft (for Mac OSX) that certainly lives up to their principles of ease of use, specifically designed, effective and value for money. The software makes the process of creating and publishing a RSS feed for your podcasts, including enhanced podcasts, most intuitive.

Produce enhanced podcasts
Posted on: 8 Nov 2005

Want to create an enhanced podcast from an audio file? An excellent piece of software called PodcastAV is easy to use (for Mac OSX). Including images and website links is simple and the final file is automatically created in the correct format for you.


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