Information about the podcast categories

Within the directory, we have allocated each podcast channel to a "best fit" educational category.

These categories fall into broad areas - schools and subjects.

A. Schools

All of the podcast channels created and published by children, young people, teachers and parents/guardians are listed in the home, school and colleges category.

B. Subjects

From time to time we review the grouping of subjects in these categories to ensure that there is a reasonable list of podcast channels. As the number of channels listed in the directory grows, it is anticipated that some of these will be subdivided and, occasionally, new subject areas added.

English and literature

Range of different topics from a look at Shakespeare to children's' stories and a few poetry podcasts.

Mathematics and science

The sciences are well represented but there few mathematical podcasts at present.

ICT and design and technology

This category also includes food technology.

Business education and business studies

A range of different podcasts suitable for older students.

Modern foreign languages

The list of language podcasts includes French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Modern Greek, Gaelic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Archaeology, history and geography

Podcasts about archaeology, history and geography, including social studies and sociology, are fairly well represented.

Art and music

There is a good range of podcasts covering different musical genre and as well as a good selection of podcasts in art.

Religious education

Currently there are podcasts about atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism listed in this section.

Physical education, sports and sporting activities

Very few podcasts available.

Personal, social and health education

There are podcasts about family health and personal development.

General Studies and Citizenship

A range of other podcasts are listed in this section covering a wide range of areas of general interest, current affairs and citizenship topics.


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